Vancouver Island Turmeric!!


It's true!  I had heard rumours of this farm on Vancouver Island that grew Turmeric this year. I had planned to make some calls and find this farm but then, Ryan from Longview Farms found me!  Much excite!

He sent me an email that stated, "Hey, we grew some Turmeric.  Want some?" Well, that was the basic gist of the email!   

It took me about one second to think about it...YES!! 

Fresh Organic Turmeric Root

A few days later our amazing wholesale vegetable supplier sent us samples of the glorious stuff.  It's subtle sweet and pungent smell filled our little factory as five of us peered in a little box of twisted bright orange tubers.  We fondled a few pieces with pride as we contemplated the future of our little elixir company. We were among the first to have in their procession this amazing medicinal plant grown right here..a mere 39km from our factory!   It warranted a visit to the farm of these pioneering farmers!  

Longview Farms Manager Ryan and Longview Farms Grower Eric Take Moonshine Mama Mel on a Tour! 

A previous flower grower, Longview Farms went through a huge restructure and reinvention when they decided to dive head first into organic food production. Grower for the farm, Eric, excitedly exclaims the farming methods for the experimental Turmeric greenhouse.  This greenhouse is one of many 4000ft2 glass houses that they have planted. In others they have peppers, onions, garlic and strawberries to name a few. 

The turmeric is planted directly in the ground and it takes eight months to yield.  He pulls a stem of the turmeric plant with long broad green leaves from the base to reveal the gorgeous tubers concealed in the dirt. " Once the ground dips below ten degrees Celsius, these plants all need to be pulled and the turmeric harvested."  I am beside myself with enthusiasm to turn it all into our elixirs! 

So, for the next few months until the turmeric runs out, all our Original Elixirs in all flavours will contain a little bit of that magic!  Look for the sticker on the front of the jar that says "Vancouver Island Turmeric" and you too will be a part of this visionary beginning of a new era in farming and food production in BC! 

Worn Like a Badge! 

We are so very proud and honoured to be working with Longview Farms to bring you these elixirs.


Join Team Moonshine!

NEEDED: Full-Time-Kick-Ass-Kitchen-Manager to join the growing Moonshine Mama’s team here on Salt Spring Island. 

ALSO NEEDED: More Kitchen Helpers for the new manager to manage.

Experience an asset, but we’re happy to train the right people. If you love this glorious stuff as much as we do and enjoy working hard while having a laugh then this might be you. Kitchen dancing a definite plus. Please contact our main Moonshine Mama Mel with your CV. *No phone calls please.

Our four-year-old business has blossomed to three kitchens across Canada and values our twenty employees.

Meet the Mama's, Try Some Elixir


One of our favourite parts of our job next to making elixir, is sampling elixir to all the wonderful folks we meet out there outside of our little factory.  

We look forward to sharing a taste of our elixirs and invite you to talk with our knowledgeable Demo Mama's.

Here are a few dates to keep in mind of special events and demos...


Sunday Nov. 27,  1pm-5pm             - Nature's Fare Markets

                                                        120-19880 Langley Bypass,

                                                        Langley, BC


Wednesday Nov. 30, 2pm-6pm      - Island Natural Pomme Market, WOW 

                                                       6560 Metral Dr, Nanaimo, BC


Friday Dec. 2, 2pm-6pm.                - Pomme Natural Markets, 

                                                       1722 Davie St, Vancouver, BC


Saturday Dec. 3, 12pm-4pm           - The Health Shoppe  

                                                      1375 Yonge St, Toronto, Ont. 


Thursday Dec. 8, 5pm-10pm         - Winter Night Market

                                                      Bullock Lake Farm/360 Upper Ganges Rd

                                                      Salt Spring Island, BC


Saturday Dec. 10 10am-2pm         - FoodLand Market

                                                      105 Arthur St.West

                                                      Thornbury, Ontario 


Big Shots on Ice

Big Shots on Ice

Special events with our stockists give us opportunity to share some special ways to enjoy our elixirs.  We get to show off our mocktail, cocktails, and recipes sometimes!  We're working on some recipe cards and a recipe blog so look for that! 

Mel & Michelle sampling at The Cheese Gallery for Glamapolooza Night

Mel & Michelle sampling at The Cheese Gallery for Glamapolooza Night

We look forward to seeing you! 


Big Shots, Fizzy Mama's, and Hot Mama's

Oh the endless ways of which to enjoy your elixir!  Let me count the ways.. 

We have taken our job quite seriously in the elixir factory and committed ourselves to much experimentation!  We do our due diligence, I assure you!  When it comes to trying new ways to enjoy elixir, somehow we are all on board, 100%!   

I will not get into details here about the recipes we have collected by testing every whim we or anyone else under this sun has passed to us.  We have a new blog space devoted to recipes starting next week!  So look for that!

Rather, I am here to give you the rundown on the three most basic ways you can enjoy your elixir and still appear as a rockstar host at any dinner, friend gathering, or to your family for a fancy offering. They will think you fussed over them for's our secret!  They do not need to know it took you 30 seconds.  


Big Shots on Ice

Big Shots on Ice

"Big Shot" drinkers are  the equivalent to scotch lovers in the elixir world.  They pack a punch!  Simply find a decent 4 ounce glass, fill it with ice,  pour 1.5 ounces elixir over it. Sip slowly..  You will not believe that you are drinking good for you, immune boosting and energizing goodness!

These are great served as an aperitif or digestif.  It is a nice and simple way to enjoy the elixir of your choice before or after meals to clean the pallet and aid digestion. 


Fizzy Mama

Fizzy Mama

It's mid afternoon and you've been working in the garden.  Or maybe you have guests over for a garden party.  Either way, the Fizzy Mama will deliver!  

Find a few sprigs of rosemary, mint or lemon balm in the garden for this one.  

Fill a 12 ounce or bigger glass with ice.  Pour 1.5 ounces of elixir and soda water to fill the glass. Garnish with a few slices of lemon or lime, frozen sour cherries or cranberries, and that lovely garnish you clipped from the neighbours yard.....I mean..your garden. Yum.  And what..this is full of anti-inflammatory ingredients!!


Hot Mama

Hot Mama

My favourite time for a Hot Mama is the morning. It warms the depths of my soul and helps jump start the entire digestive tract. It's a gentle and tasty way to start the day. 

I take about 1.5 ounces of elixir, add 3-4 ounces of water and steam with the latte machine steamer wand!  It foams into a gorgeous neon yellow micro foam.  Sprinkle cinnamon on it and drop a cinnamon stick in there for stirring the good flavour evenly!   

It seriously takes about a minute but will wow just about anyone on the planet Earth. Seriously, I know this from experience. You will be a beverage rockstar. Friends and family will think you and the Hot Mama are out of this world because it might be completely too good to be true!  

An Afternoon Ritual

An Afternoon Ritual

Now, you could just stick with the old fashion "glug glug" straight from the jar but I find it disappears way quicker that way!  Find your special cups and make a ritual of some sort out of it. Or make it pretty at least! And then, photograph it and send it to me with your recipe and maybe we can share your invention on our new recipe blog!