Some Label Changes

We are learning as we go with this little elixir business that we found ourselves in. After all the work designing labels, getting nutritional facts, picking the right new jars for the product, and making sure we conformed with VIHA to operate properly, we were ready and hit the pavement running!   

Then, we met with WholeFoods and they informed us that our labels did not conform, that we needed a third party certificate to call our organic turmeric elixir, Organic Turmeric Elixir!   

So, what came next was a series of decisions that led us to substituting the word "Organic" on our labels, to "Original". We chose this word because it essentially has the same meaning as organic and it looks similar!  Eventually we will go for the third party certification but in the meanwhile, our labels conform and that makes us happy! 

 Original Turmeric Elixir (Organic Line)

 Original Turmeric Elixir (Organic Line)

While we were at it, we shifted some information on the back labels as well.  You will notice that the serving suggestions have moved to the back and substituted "Made with organic turmeric, lemons and ginger" in it's place. The bottle size is on the front labels as well as number of shots per jar.  

We replaced "Date Made" for "Best before" on the back label. This might solve the mystery of how long it lasts, a question we are asked frequently!   

Social media icons and website information has been pushed to the forefront of the back labels to make it easier to find us, comment, and communicate.  We like to engage with the consumer so we hope that helps drive them where they can find the info they are looking for!   

Now, remember, if it does not have the word "Original" on the front, then it is our Regular Line which is made from conventional ingredients. We decided to keep this version going so that  those on a budget or that really just want the turmeric and are not committed to the organic lifestyle can continue to find it.   


Regular Turmeric Lime Elixir

Regular Turmeric Lime Elixir

How do the two lines compare you ask?  Besides the difference in organic and conventional ingredients (ginger, lemons, limes)?  Not much as far as amount of turmeric in them. We use organic turmeric root in both lines. The organic ginger is spicy so you will feel it more then the conventional. So if you like a strong hit, that's your elixir!  

We are really hoping that will do for now but we invite your feedback on the issue! 





Big Shot.  

Big Shot.  

Howling like a pack...

like a pack of
tundra wolves
drunk on pollen  
and exotic gingers, 
this extract is a 
beach bonfire 
laced by the shadows 
of fiddlehead ferns 
and secret kisses.

concocted with 
fresh ginger and 
and aided by a 
crew of helpful 
and chubby bees, 
mama’s elixir 
massages your soul with 
raw and organic 
sources of Vitamin C; 
healing and soothing 
and invigorating 
and whispering 
its phone number.