Questions from Customers.


We have decided that we would love to share some of the awesome emails we get from customers and will start here with Kathy from Abbotsford, BC.  She emailed a series of question and here they are with our reply...

Kathy:  Hello! I have enjoyed your products for some time now, purchasing originally from Pomme Nanaimo when I'm there and on occasion at Nature's Fare in Langley.  I live on the Mainland but have family ties on Vancouver Island.  (Is your product line at Naked Naturals?)

Mel:  Yes it is!  In both the Parksville and Qualicum Beach locations.

Kathy:  I'd love to see your product at Choices Market in Abbotsford!  Or possibly at the Sprouted Oven (Silverhills).

Mel:  We have been talking to Choices about carrying our elixirs but have not got it lined up as yet.  The buyer for the chain is so very busy.  Nothing works better then pressure from their customers so if you really want to see it there, write them an email or ask at Customer Service in store.  Re:  Sprouted Oven, I can send them some info but again, most stores really listen to their customers.

Kathy:  My favorite is the Winter Warrior with elderberry.  This seems to be available only for a short time during the year, not sure why.  I then go to my second favorite, the cherry one.  When I'm experiencing  the beginnings of a sore throat or feel off,  I up the doses - and it really makes a difference.

Mel:  Last year we never stopped producing it for the first time ever!  The certified organic farm we buy from had enough to keep us in production all year!  In the past, we made it until we ran out of berries which was often February.  We will keep it going this year as well and will make sure that the stores know that too!  If you don’t see it on their shelves you can ask for a special order and if they say it is only available in the winter you can tell them that you know it is being made all year and heard so from the mama herself!  HeeHee!

Kathy: My main reason for emailing is I love the new bottles. The narrower openning make it easier to catch a drip (good) but the ingredient label is nearly impossible to read, even using the iphone to magnify!

 Mel:  Re: We fixed that by changing the font colour on the red elixirs. They will be white with the next label run and much more visible.

Kathy:  And I noticed some changes in the formulation. The amount of water has changed, from sixth place on the ingredient list to the top.

Mel:  We have not changed our formula, actually, we bumped up the amount of ginger and turmeric.           But, the software we use to calculate the values put the ingredients in this order.  However, if you took all the other ingredients and compared it to the amount of water, there is more of those ingredients then water.  Without the water, it is way too concentrated and hard to balance flavour and the turmeric to be a good daily dose.

Kathy:  The honey is no longer declared to be raw, and has been slightly bumped down in amount.

Mel:  It is technically “raw” honey that we use but it is heated to just below what is considered raw to ensure there is no impurities.  We thought it best to drop the word “raw” just in case.  And it bumped down in quantity comparably when we increased the ginger and Turmeric amounts in the more recent formula.

(Added note:  we switched to cold press extraction and found that the heat from the ginger and the turmeric was mellowed so we increased the quantities in our current elixirs.) 

Kathy:  You say 'turmeric' rather than fresh turmeric root - has it been switched to powder?

Mel:  We use fresh turmeric root but wanted to simplify the label to fit all the info on.

Kathy:  Labelling has changed 'organic coconut oil' to 'coconut oil'.

Mel:  It is definitely organic coconut oil.  We added an * in front of all the organic ingredients to make more room on the label but it is easy to miss.

Kathy:  "Fresh ginger' now called 'ginger'.  Is it powdered now?

Mel:  Same as turmeric..we use all fresh ingredients.  Maybe next run we will add “fresh & organic” to the *.

Kathy:  I am curious about the total fat going from 2 percent to 0 percent (??)

Mel:  There is so little fat in it that it does not even register as a percentage in the calculation.  There is just enough fat to help make the turmeric bioavailable and is mainly from the coconut oil we add.

Kathy:  There's been a cabinet shuffle!  I would appreciate knowing more about these changes, and whether they were for economy or otherwise.

Mel:  We made the change to the new bottles for a few good reasons.

1.  They pour better. Less spilling of precious elixir!

2.  We can get equipment that help have better efficiencies in our kitchen and make it a better work environment for our team members.  That is a very important thing to us.

3.  It is safer for our customers.  The mason jars are not intended for liquids. In our new bottles, there is less surface area where the liquid is in contact with oxygen giving less opportunity for molds to find their way in and compromise the quality of the contents.

Kathy:  I wonder if this product is less nutritious than before?

Mel:  Over the years of making these elixirs we have learned to maximize the nutrient values of all the ingredients.  We have invested in better equipment to assist with this as well.  For example, we now do cold press extraction of all ginger and turmeric.  And, we learned how to activate the turmeric so that the curcumin is “unlocked” , easier to assimilate, and more bioavailable.  So it is of my opinion that the elixirs we produce today are by far a higher quality then those of our past.

Kathy:  I can't speak for the other flavors, but  am also realizing that the Winter Warrior doesn't seem to have the 'bite' of the former which I finished a few days ago.

Mel:  As stated above, we did not change the formulation other then adding more ginger and more turmeric to it.  Because we use fresh ingredients there can be a slight difference in things like the amount of heat in the ginger or tanginess of the lemons.  This is because we do not add artificial flavours to stabilize a flavour.  We only use ingredients that come to us in their natural form!  That is how we make it now and that is how we will always make it so long as I am a mama!

Kathy:  I look forward to hearing from your company!

Mel:  We are still so small that you hear from the mama herself 😉.