Vancouver Island Turmeric!!


It's true!  I had heard rumours of this farm on Vancouver Island that grew Turmeric this year. I had planned to make some calls and find this farm but then, Ryan from Longview Farms found me!  Much excite!

He sent me an email that stated, "Hey, we grew some Turmeric.  Want some?" Well, that was the basic gist of the email!   

It took me about one second to think about it...YES!! 

Fresh Organic Turmeric Root

A few days later our amazing wholesale vegetable supplier sent us samples of the glorious stuff.  It's subtle sweet and pungent smell filled our little factory as five of us peered in a little box of twisted bright orange tubers.  We fondled a few pieces with pride as we contemplated the future of our little elixir company. We were among the first to have in their procession this amazing medicinal plant grown right here..a mere 39km from our factory!   It warranted a visit to the farm of these pioneering farmers!  

Longview Farms Manager Ryan and Longview Farms Grower Eric Take Moonshine Mama Mel on a Tour! 

A previous flower grower, Longview Farms went through a huge restructure and reinvention when they decided to dive head first into organic food production. Grower for the farm, Eric, excitedly exclaims the farming methods for the experimental Turmeric greenhouse.  This greenhouse is one of many 4000ft2 glass houses that they have planted. In others they have peppers, onions, garlic and strawberries to name a few. 

The turmeric is planted directly in the ground and it takes eight months to yield.  He pulls a stem of the turmeric plant with long broad green leaves from the base to reveal the gorgeous tubers concealed in the dirt. " Once the ground dips below ten degrees Celsius, these plants all need to be pulled and the turmeric harvested."  I am beside myself with enthusiasm to turn it all into our elixirs! 

So, for the next few months until the turmeric runs out, all our Original Elixirs in all flavours will contain a little bit of that magic!  Look for the sticker on the front of the jar that says "Vancouver Island Turmeric" and you too will be a part of this visionary beginning of a new era in farming and food production in BC! 

Worn Like a Badge! 

We are so very proud and honoured to be working with Longview Farms to bring you these elixirs.


Some Label Changes

We are learning as we go with this little elixir business that we found ourselves in. After all the work designing labels, getting nutritional facts, picking the right new jars for the product, and making sure we conformed with VIHA to operate properly, we were ready and hit the pavement running!   

Then, we met with WholeFoods and they informed us that our labels did not conform, that we needed a third party certificate to call our organic turmeric elixir, Organic Turmeric Elixir!   

So, what came next was a series of decisions that led us to substituting the word "Organic" on our labels, to "Original". We chose this word because it essentially has the same meaning as organic and it looks similar!  Eventually we will go for the third party certification but in the meanwhile, our labels conform and that makes us happy! 

 Original Turmeric Elixir (Organic Line)

 Original Turmeric Elixir (Organic Line)

While we were at it, we shifted some information on the back labels as well.  You will notice that the serving suggestions have moved to the back and substituted "Made with organic turmeric, lemons and ginger" in it's place. The bottle size is on the front labels as well as number of shots per jar.  

We replaced "Date Made" for "Best before" on the back label. This might solve the mystery of how long it lasts, a question we are asked frequently!   

Social media icons and website information has been pushed to the forefront of the back labels to make it easier to find us, comment, and communicate.  We like to engage with the consumer so we hope that helps drive them where they can find the info they are looking for!   

Now, remember, if it does not have the word "Original" on the front, then it is our Regular Line which is made from conventional ingredients. We decided to keep this version going so that  those on a budget or that really just want the turmeric and are not committed to the organic lifestyle can continue to find it.   


Regular Turmeric Lime Elixir

Regular Turmeric Lime Elixir

How do the two lines compare you ask?  Besides the difference in organic and conventional ingredients (ginger, lemons, limes)?  Not much as far as amount of turmeric in them. We use organic turmeric root in both lines. The organic ginger is spicy so you will feel it more then the conventional. So if you like a strong hit, that's your elixir!  

We are really hoping that will do for now but we invite your feedback on the issue! 





Big Shot.  

Big Shot.