Easy Peasy Yes Pleasy!

Sometimes you don't have time for all the prep..infusing concoctions ahead of time, etc. So here is an easy cocktail/mocktail you can whip up on a dime. All you have to do is make sure you have some pretty garnish in the fridge or freezer at all time and some cans of bubbly water in the cupboard.  

We call this the Fizzy Mama!  


Fizzy Mama

Fizzy Mama

Fill 8 ounce glass with ice.  

Add 1-1.5 ounces of your favourite Moonshine Mama's Elixir (we used Turmeric Lime in this photo).

For a cocktail add 1 ouncd vodka - omit for a mocktail. 

Fill to rim with bubbly water.  

Garnish with frozen berries, orange, lime, or lemon slices and rosemary twigs or mint..or anything else pretty, lively and green!  I used lemon balm picked fresh from our garden in the summer. The other day I found sprigs of thyme that added a nice fresh Fall aroma, though I admit Rosemary is my favourite!  



The Original Glowing Meltini.

With the holidays around the corner we reminisce of our award winning Glowtini Martini creation that we partnered with Jennie from Barb's Bakery & Bistro to create.   We were among some amazing mixologists and judged by some of the finest and managed to take 2nd place!  A highlight was when one of the judges demanded that he taste the elixir straight and on it's own.. 

so, here it is. The Glowing Meltini.  


Glowing Meltini

Glowing Meltini

A few weeks before.. 

Place frozen sour cherries in vodka and let infuse for a few weeks.  

Strain out sour cherries and place cherries in freezer. Pour sour cherry infused vodka in an air tight jar.  

Place some candied ginger in a small jar of coconut sugar.   Allow this to sit for a few weeks so the sugar absorbs ginger flavour. Use this to rim your glass after rubbing lemon juice over rim. 

Pour 1.5 ounces Turmeric Elixir in chilled martini glass.  

Drop 3-5 frozen sour cherries in. 

In martini shaker.. .add..

1.5 ounce Sour Cherry infused vodka

.5 ounces Cointreau  



Pour down side of glass slowly creating a nice gradient of colour.  

Squeeze the juice of 1/2 orange gently over top

Garnish with orange peel twist and fresh rosemary twigs.  

I made a mocktini of this recipe by using sour cherry juice in place of the vodka and omitting the Cointreau. . Still delicious!